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Invented to solve a problem – a dirty touch screen!

CucciCoos a patent pending cover, designed specifically for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Your screen is wiped clean when you remove it from your CucciCoos. Your entire phone will look great.

facial oils, greasy smudges, fingerprints, and oily makeup.

A natural by-product and is biogradeable.

Provides a soft padding to protect electronic devices from impact.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, moisture resistant

Fun and Fashionable

Luxe | Trendy

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CucciCoos are an exquisite and innovative fashion accessory for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that are fun, sexy, or elegant.

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Why Buy a CucciCoos?

Exclusive Designs | Handcrafted in the USA

Do you feel responsible when you keep your touch screen covered and protected while in your pocket, handbag, gym bag, yet you love the design of your iProduct and would rather use your device without a permanent case, films or rubber backs, and you want a clean touch screen everytime you use it. We designed the most amazing product specifically for you. Imagine not only being responsible and clean, but owning the most unique, luxurious, fashionable cover on the market today!

CucciCoos are designed for the fashionista who loves quality handbags, shoes and other accessories made of quality materials. Italian shearling and sheep skin leathers are acknowledged as a synonym for quality the world over. As we continue to grow our business we will offer seasonal designs following the latest fashion trends so you can update your collection of CucciCoos. We are a small manufacturer, everything is manufactured by hand, contributing to the uniqueness of our product.

The designer of CucciCoos is a Apple product fan, who loves the design and functionality of her MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. "My love of computers and software began with Apple". In addition, she not only uses Apple gadgets, but loves fashion and leathers, and owns many fashionable computer bags and handbags. "Designing a quality cover for Apple products is fun because many of the Apple users love design, color, quality materials and want their screen clean."

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What is So Special About CucciCoos?

Cozy | Cute | Clever | Cool

When you drop your device into a handbag, knapsack or gym bag, you will feel for the soft and fuzzy.

Cuccicoos are a great conversation piece. Everyone who sees it wants to know more about it!

CucciCoos: A name worth repeating – more than once.

You can tell jokes about your CucciCoos.

CucciCoos? How do you spell it?

Strangers will want to touch your CucciCoos.

If you use a hands free device you can cover your iPhone so you don’t push the wrong buttons.

CucciCoos keep your calls and texts alerts private, away from prying eyes.

Use your device naked without all the bubbly film and rubber backs.

You can hug your CucciCoos.

You can match your handbags and outfits.

No one else will have one, unless you tell them where to buy it.

You will order an Exclusive Design, so for sure, no one can copy you.

You will own a CucciCoos! How COOL are you?

You will have fashion shows.

Your CucciCoos will become as popular as a puppy!

You can replace your pocket protector.

Your CucciCoos might get stolen, but not your iProduct.

You will become a trendsetter.

Your iProduct will always be clean.

You will want more than one.

We know about these situations because this has been our experience with CucciCoos and the experience of our first time owners (except the pocket protector thing). Please drop us a one liner below as to how CucciCoos are so special to you and if we add it to the list you will get a 20% discount on your next purchase.

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How Does a CucciCoos Work?

Simple | 2 Easy Steps

1. To place your device in a CucciCoos, hold the case in your left hand, slide the device into the top with the touch screen and the front of your CucciCoos facing you until it reaches the bottom, it may be tight, this is how we designed it; like a glove or shoe, the leather will loosen as you use it.

2.To remove your device from the CucciCoos, hold your device in your right hand, squeeze the bottom with your left hand, (give it a cuccicoo) grasp your device with your right hand and pull it out. It is now shiny, like new!



1. Why is my CucciCoos snug? Just like a brand new pair of 100% shearling slippers, moccasins or new pair of gloves, your CucciCoos will stretch after you use it a few times.

2. What if I my CucciCoos stops cleaning? You just need to brush the nap of the suede. Take an old, clean, toothbrush and insert it into your CucciCoos and brush the suede a few times.

3. My CucciCoos got wet, now what? Absorb any extra moisture with a towel and just let it air dry. If the fur is now a bit matted you can brush it out with a stiff bristle brush.

4. Can I buy a CucciCoos in a store? No, not at this time. We are working on it.

5. I don't have an iPhone and I want a CucciCoos for my phone! When can I get one for my product? Our patent pending design uses perfect resistance for devices which are flush front glass, (no lip) and the back is made of shiny, polycarbonate plastic or metal. Other products that fit:

Samsung Reality, Samsung SEEK, LG Rumor Touch, Samsung Moment, Samsung Impression, LG Rumor Touch, LG enV TOUCH, HTC Evo 4G (Contact us for special order), Samsung Vibrant, Nokis 5230 Nuron, Dell Aero, HTC Droid Incredible

*CucciCoos are tested on iPhones only - We do not guarantee your phone will clean perfectly, but the cover will protect your phone and you will become a fashionista. Please note: We tested the phone models above for fit with the iPhone 3 CucciCoos cover. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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